Informations about KRelais 0.2

Simulation program for electronic relay circuits

This is a short description of KRelais.It´s a very simple translation. I don't know all the correct translations of the electronic circuits.

If you know the correct english translation of these circuits, please send me an email.

KRelais - Introduction

KRelais can simulate electronic relay circuits.

KRelais has a 10 x 7 grid for nodes (incl. power and GND). Passive circuits are set in row 1 - 6. Row 7 ist reserved for active circuits like relays and lamps.

Circuits will be set with the left mouse button. Active circuits should be set first.

Circuits can be connected with vertical and horizontal connections.

Relays will be numbered automatically (e.g. K53). SE- and SI-relays have a delay time (in 100 ms steps).

Circuits will be removed by the right mouse button.

Simulation will be started and stopped with the menu Simulation.

Key and switches can be set in a simulation.

Description of the available circuits

Key closer

Key opener

Switch closer

Relaycontact closer

Relay contact opener


SE-Relay (t*100 ms)

SI-Relay (t*100 ms)


This example shows a relay (K54), SE relay (K53) and SI relay (K55). These relays are connected with a relay contact opener and closer.

Create a sample circuit and simulate it

Let´s create a simple electronic relay circuit (blinken.circuit) and simulate it.

Set the 2 SE-relays (incl. delay time in ms) and the lamp with the left mouse button. Set the switch-closer. Set the relaiscontact-opener (name=K54) and the relaycontact-closer (name K53). Connect all circuits with connections. Start the simulation.

Compilation and installation

Minimum: KDE 3.2-Desktop and Qt >= 3.3

Graphics: min. 1024x 768 pixel

Installation as rpm package:

SuSE 9.1 distribution:

rpm -Uhv krelais-0.2.suse91.i586.rpm

Installation as tar.gz package:

SuSE 9.1 Compilation / installation:

export KDEDIR
export QTDIR

gunzip krelais-0.2.tar.gz
tar xvf krelais-0.2.tar
cd krelais-0.2
. /configure
make install

Mandrake 10 Compilation / installation:

KDEDIR=KDE path of Redhat/Mandrake
export KDEDIR
QTDIR=QT3 path of Redhat/Mandrake
export QTDIR
gunzip krelais-0.2.tar.gz
tar xvf krelais-0.2.tar
cd krelais-0.2
. /configure
make install


Version 0.1: Initial version
Version 0.2: Highlightning of the signal line on voltage